Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Please answer all of the following questions: (Make sure you proofread and use complete sentences)These should be elaborate thoughts, not one sentence repsonses!

1) After viewing Mr. Fisch's world-renown "Did you Know" powerpoint, what ideas strike you about the facts presented?
How does this make you think about the world and your place in it? How could this impact you?

2) Also, what did Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes" make you think about perseverance, hard work, potential, etc...? How can you apply what you saw from his adventures, doing bike tricks, to your own life?

3) What is the value of learning? What is your role as a learner?


  1. After watching the video, "Did you know," I felt kind of in an awkward spot. I wasn't really sure what to think. One thing that sort of bugged me was how much he talked about how much technology we use a day or even a second. To me, technology was created for us to use, not to be judged on how much we use it. Although some people do not use it for good purposes, there is a wide variety of good ways we can use it. In the video he talked about how many Google searches there were a month, and I couldn't understand if this video was showing how bad that can be or how efficient it is. I believe new things are created for us to use not to watch. We don't sit back and watch life create itself, we create our life, and only impact other's.

    After watching Danny Macaskill's, "Inspired Bikes," video, It really brought me to thinking that hard work pays off. Many people might not realize this because they are to focused on getting to where they want. For example, I am in love with long boarding and I know I'm not very good, especially not like Danny, but if i were to put the hard work and dedication in like he does, I could get better and better. He really inspired me to work harder in the things I love doing. One part i really thought was so amazing was how he could do his tricks anywhere. I know for a fact that I would not be able to do that because I would be too embarassed if I fell. But not Danny. And I think we all need to apply that to our life. That if you want to succeed at something or you love doing something, that it is okay to fail. It shouldn't matter what other people think if its something you want to get better at.

    The value of learning to me, its experiencing. Like if you fail a test. Some people don't realize that even by making errors, you're learning. Everybody thinks that if you fail then your not smart, but the only way we learn is from our mistakes.

  2. After watching the video Did You Know? I could say that I didn't know that much about technology. One thing I took away most was the fact that so much has changed.Technology was literately nothing when my parents were kids they didn't have cell phones, good cameras and flat screen Televisions. They didn't have that so I found that interesting how far the regular computer and tablet have come in eight years from old Dells to Lap tops to tablets and now Google glasses.

  3. Mr. Fisch’s “Did you Know” stuck a few interesting ideas inside me. I felt surprised and had mixed strong mixed emotions. Part of me felt kind of awkward because a lot of the video was directed toward technology in a negative way. I feel like the new technology is a good thing and allows us to learn more and do more easier. Yes, technology is sometimes abused, just like everything else but i think overall, it is a positive element that we have relied on to take us so far as a nation. Another part of me understood the message I think Mr. Fisch intended for us to take away and that is our society is starting to fall behind to other countries like China who are beating us in pretty much every aspect. Many facts that were given informed us that we might not be the nation we think we are anymore. Others have caught up and based on how things are going, the future might not have we think it does.

    Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bikes” was an amazing video that inspired me to put my mind to a goal and achieve it. I saw this pretty ordinary looking guy do some amazing things that obviously took hours and hours of hard work. Danny gave a perfect example of perseverance and encouraged me to exceed my expectations and reach my full potential in whatever I choose to put effort into.

    So much of our world is dependant on knowledge. The smartest in most situations usually wins and that is why it is so important to be a “learner.” Everyone should strive to learn as much as they can which will allow them to go farther in live. As a learner, I do my best to know as much as I can about everything because I know this is what is going to take me the farthest in my future.

  4. After watching Did You Know I realized how much I don't know. I didn't know that China and India were rising above us in education. I also didn't know how much technology is taking over. Well obviously it is look at my classes having it mandatory to have a computer. I feel that overall technology is a good thing yet there is still something good in "the old fashion way". The world I'm am in now is the new age of technology in my mind. I believe it may be a blessing it also may be a curse. I believe technology has taken away many potential jobs. It has also allowed us to thrive in many situations as a nation. As a person growing up in this time it concerns me for my future career if the job opportunity may not be there.

    The video Inspired Bikes I found very cool. A guy who's obviously done a lot of work to accomplish something he loves. Some of the tricks I wouldn't think were possible until I saw them on the video. Also that he makes a living out of these tricks is very cool. He gave me inspiration to work hard at something I love and who knows you may not half to work a day in your life, in some respects.

    The value of learning is huge. Without learning we could never accomplish what we want, especially with are careers. As in Did You Know we learn that the world is going to lean on technology we half to learn how to adapt to that if we are uncomfortable with it. My role as a learner at this point in my life is to focus on school and learn as much as I can. This will help me have a brighter future.

  5. After watching Did You Know I realized that I don't know very much. I didn't know that China and India were succeeding more in education then we were. I also didn't know how much technology was taking over. It makes me think on how my life will change with the amount of technology but also where America will be compared to the rest of the world. This could definitely either hurt or help my career in whatever I choose to do.

    In the video Inspired Bikes I found it very cool. The tricks he was doing I didn't think were possible until I saw them do them. It proves that anything is possible when you work hard on something you love. Even I can work hard on something I love get really good at it and do it for a living just as he does.

    The value of learning is huge. The more you learn the higher chance you have at having a great career. My role as a learner at this point in my life is to do my very best in school.

  6. After watching Did You Know, I was not surprised by most of the facts presented. Even so, one fact did catch my eye. "In 2019, a $1000 computer will exceed the computing capabilities of the human race." When this piece of information was delivered I found it confusing and unbelievable. It made me ask myself "If a computer can do out jobs, why are we needed?" Even if the computer might be smarter than me, it cannot be created without us. Without our creativity, some technology would not even exist. So my place in the world is to be creative and attempt the unthinkable. This video further encourages that.

    The Inspired bikes made me feel like hard work could get you any where you wanted. In the beginning of the video you did see the Danny failed. He failed at the same trick over and over but still tried. Eventually the trick was succeeded. I can apply this to my life by not being afraid to fail. Mistakes will happen. As long as you keep trying, you will eventually succeed.

    The value of learning is more valuable than money. Learning leads you to being more successful. The more you learn, the greater potential you have of doing what needs to be done or simply what want to do. As a learner my job is to gain knowledge so I can be seen as a role model to show people that hard work and a dream could get you anywhere.

    1. I like your opinion on what the supercomputer won't replace. Most people (including myself) thought, "Wow, what will I be needed for anymore", and you thought, "Wow, that's a lot of things we still do". That is definitely a good attitude towards life.

  7. When I watched the videos that Mr. Fisch made, I found them to be really surprising and actually fascinating! The thought about all those people and views/ratings in the world tie in with the education for us kids. I think the video was trying to tell us that we are the future and we are better than the past because we live up to a whole new different world and live out with new and different things. I feel very small in the world when the facts were listed but, I felt like I was needed and have some kind of purpose out there waiting for me. This could make me feel much more cautious in life of what I do and say. It could make me a better and happier person if I do the right choices and paths I take.

    I think the bike tricks can show me a doing on my own life is that I should never give up on anything and always push through challenges to overcome and conquer my goals. This also makes me think that I should explore the world more and see what it has to show me, you never know what you’ll find. It showed me that I can get to know places better if I get used to my surroundings and allow myself to let go.

    The value of learning is so pure. Learning is super very important in live and can cause great fortunes in the future. It takes everything you’ve learned and put to the test. You have to be able to question, problem solve, read, write, and be social through what you have open to learn. Now my role as a learner is to try to improve more on what I already know. My plan isn’t to gain something completely new but instead, “upgraded” facts on what I know of already. To get better and smarter of what I already know and feel most safe and comfortable with in life.

  8. After watching Did You Know I felt a bit overwhelmed. We take so much for granted, such as our education, and don't take the time to pay attention to everything. For example, the amount of time we spend on technology. We spend tons of time on technology, not just at home but at school as well. Seeing that there is a whole state that doesn't use that much technology is a shock. We use it so often, that it is weird to think of something like school without computers.

    I honestly can say that I didn't get much out of this video. To me, it was a video about a guy that can do some cool bike tricks. Sure it shows hard work and mistakes will happen, but other than that I didn't take much away from it.

    Learning is basically the meaning of life, along with happiness and all that stuff. Humans are always curios or wondering about something, whether that means how the universe was created or what a video means to them. Learning lets humans stop being curios about one thing, and move on to another. A learners role is to pay attention and get more knowledgeable. learn about things you don't know about, and learn more about things you do.

  9. After watching the videos I feel like the U.S. could do a lot better as far as schooling and the number of college graduates is very low compared to India. I feel like this could be an impact to my schooling or the schooling of the generations after us. The use of technology in schools helps the schooling of students because they are able to use the internet for help on homework or just have more fun learning.
    Danny Macaskill's perseverance helped him get to were he is doing some of the coolest bike tricks in the world. He practices to make him better on the bike and that really applies to anything, If you do all your math homework you will do good on the test but if you just sit around and wait for the test you will flunk.
    Learning is what gets you smarter because smart is not something you are it is something you get. My role as a learner is to try my hardest and to do everything I can to make it to college and more importantly to get a job when I am older.

  10. After watching the video Shift Happens (aka Did You Know?). I started to think about how much the world has changed since technology was first introduced to the world. Yes, there has most certainly been a big impact on the work; but I believe its impacted I'm a good way as well as a bad way. A student in class said he admired curiosity; I believe that curiosity is a good thing other wise we would be here with technology and we would be so far into a shift from where we started. After watching his video I was positive about the rest of the day; how he took regular facts and opened up so many ways to look at them.
    After watching Danny Macaskill's "Inspired Bikes" I was amazed on how people could find something in the life that makes them happen and create something beautiful with it. Back to that kid in class who said he admired curiosity I thought about what if Danny Macaskill never even thought about doing a trick or something creative with his bike. I feel inspired to try something new while I'm still young.

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  12. After watching this video the thing the idea that struck me the most was that four year old was using technology and that there will be a computer that will be smarter than the human brain . This makes me think that humans will be may be irrelevant in the future and it could impact us very greatly because humans maybe extinct and it could impact me personally by not getting to live my life to the fullest and experience new things.

    Danny Macaskill's video made me think about how brave and strong you must be in order to be dong those tricks on his bike and it must take a lot of strength to get up on those high levels and and then fall down and hope that you land.
    I think that I can apply this to my life by being brave and trying new things and not be afraid of what others think and be hopeful and stay positive and if i am strong and believe in myself then i can make new friends and explore new things.

    The value of learning is gaining knowledge and knowing all these things and be successful in the High School so I can get a good education and graduate .

    My role as a learner is to gain everything that my teachers tell me and teach me and to keep it in my brain so I can apply it into the real world and make good decisions and be again successful and to be attentive to whats being taught and to learn.

  13. After watching "Did you know" I was kind of in shock at the information he presented. I always knew that technology was improving, but I didn't know really how much it was improving. I questioned some of the information though. For example, the video stated that in 40 years, a $1,000 computer will exceed the capacities of the human race. I question this because 1) how can something made by man, exceed the capacities of all mankind? And 2) I believe that the human brain can contain all the knowledge that we have ever learned in our lifetime, not to mention store all feelings we have ever had. So if you put all of mankind together, how can it be lesser, than a computer that's made by mankind, and doesn't feel. Although I felt that the video made technology seem like a bad thing that is making the human race dumber, several points were displayed on how it is changing the world for the worse at times. Author Malcolm Gladwell made a point in one of his books on how it takes about 10,000 hours to be really “good” at something or a pro at something. And in “Did you know” it was stated that we spend about 20,000 hours watching the tv by the time we are 21. So “Congratulations!” Us, as 14 year olds are really “good” at watching TV. This video really made me think about our world. Some crazy things are happening around us with technology and education, and it will have an impact on me because this is the period I’m living in. So yes, shift happens, things change; but only ourselves can control whether we let the shift be for better, or for worse.

    After watching “Inspired Bikes” I was in awe of this man’s talent and hard work. I without a doubt believe that he has put in at least 10,000 hours into his bike tricks. Watching this video, it makes me feel like I haven’t unleashed my full potential. There are so many things that I see others do in gymnastics and school that I think, “Oh, I will never be able to do that.” But I’ll bet that the tricks Danny is doing today, he once saw and said “Oh, I will never be able to do that.” So it just shows that through perseverance, hard work, and determination, those “I will nevers” will become “I just did”. I loved this video because it really reminds me of the quote, do the things that scare you. And if he can do the things that scare him, so can I.

    The value of learning is to have information to carry you through life. And really, we can’t go through life without learning. Because although school stops at some point, learning never will. So my job as a learner is to soak up every bit of knowledge that I can.

  14. After watching the video Did You Know, the idea that struck me was the fact that everything in the video was true. That Earth really is that big! Also, by 2046 there will be a computer that will be greater than the human mind. This really amazed me because of how our technology is growing so much.

    The video Inspired Bikes Made me think about how much hard work and determination can pay off. The man in this video did not just start doing these stunts and do them perfectly. He had to do a lot of work to prepare him for doing the stunts and he also had to practice each of them multiple times to get it just right.

    The value of learning is to get as much knowledge as I can so that I can use it later on in my life. Also, my role as a learner is to learn what I can and then apply it to my life and then I will be able to use it in my jobs after college.

  15. After watching the video "Did you Know" I felt pressured and awkward. I felt pressured because at the beginning of the film it was talking about how other countries were going to be the number one english speaking country. Also it was talking about how populations of other countries have more people than the U.S has jobs. I felt awkward as well because people younger than I are using technology more than I am and know how to use it better.
    In the video Inspired Bicycles Danny Macaskill has worked hard all his life and achieved many cool tricks. At the very beginning it showed how he failed but kept on trying. This can relate to me because I need to stop giving up and kept trying.
    Learning to me is yearning for knowledge and learning from my mistakes and errors.

  16. After watching this video it made me realize that the World we live in is advancing in technology and numbers very fast. Other ideas that really struck me was the fact that if MySpace was a country it would be one of the largest in the world because of how many use it. This makes me realize that my place in this world is a very small one with such an unsustainable and rapidly growing population. Also if in only a few decades humanity will have computers that can exceed what the human brain can do than I feel like if that's so than technology could start replacing jobs meaning I would have to get a good job that a machine couldn't easily replace. I also have to make sure I do my best to be as successful as possible in my career.

    "Inspired Bikes" was a truly inspirational video to me. Danny Macaskill probably had natural talent but obviously didn't start out with abilities in bike tricks as excellent as that; he had to work for them. This makes me realize what I am capable of as a human being, that if I truly want to achieve something I can get there through simply setting my mind to it and pursuing that desire. If he would have given up the first time he failed he certainly wouldn't be where he is today, as shown in the video at the beginning. Being able to use your mistakes to help build you up through learning from them rather than letting them bring you down is an important part of achieving any challenging goal in life.

    The value of learning is being able to have knowledge and well defined skills that will help us with everyday life, solving problems, and most importantly our careers. Without learning technology and almost any prosperous creation humanity has had probably wouldn't have even been made. My role as a learner is to get a good education in school to be able to get a college education and learn outside of school to help prepare for the real world. Education isn't just something that we are all provided with, it is an opportunity that millions don't receive. I need to value my education and make the most of it.

  17. While “Did You Know” was informative, I don’t think it made the message behind it clear enough. To me a bunch of facts about technology and population statistics were spouted followed by him saying we need to teach more with technology. The points in “Did You Know” were not relevant to his message. Also, I already see the use of technology in our schools staking a deeper hold on how we conduct ourselves to learn. Granted though, this video wasn’t made yesterday, and actually wasn’t made until 10 years ago. Back then I can see how more relevant his message was. After all, we didn’t receive the EEE grant until 2009, which was three years after the production of “Did You Know”. Either way the means of persuasion were lost on me.

    On the flipside, Danny Macaskill’s “Inspired Bicycles” had the perfect way of transferring its message. Watching him challenge himself many time in taking on many different tricks taught that success is defined by trial and error. Even after all of his attempts he still wears a helmet because he knows that he is still practicing his trick, and that there is no end to what you can do if you put your mind to it. Keep in mind he didn’t say one word and the viewer was able to grasp his message. “Inspired Bicycles” is a masterpiece communication.

    In my mind I see learning as a way to improve the quality of life later. Today’s generations learn so that they can accomplish things in the future. Our jobs as learners are to discover what things we would like to pursue on a professional level. That’s why high schools are chock full of clubs, intramurals, and assorted athletics. Later on when we decide to devote our profession to 1 thing, it will hopefully be to improve the lives of ourselves and other. From a baseball player on an entertainment level, to a surgeon who performs operations to let people live longer, we are all striving towards the same thing: improvement on the quality of life.

  18. After watching the video "Did You Know", i was surprised about all the facts that I didn't know. I knew that the advancement of technology was a crazy amount, but I would have never thought that it could suppress the knowledge of the human race. I cant even rap my mind around how much that really is. And all at the tap of a finger. Also I was surprised by the number of honor students in India, and how the have more honor students than we have students. Also with the advancement of technology, its also taking away from the human race because we as a human doesn't have to remember everything. We can just go on a computer and fine it.

    The video "Inspired Bikes" made me think that if you try hard enough and you really have an interest in something, that you can do anything you want. And if I really tried in pretty much anything, that I could improve and make it simpler to perform. Like when i play my instrument, i need to practice over and over again to improve. If i didn't do these things i would stay the same, or drop down in my level of playing.

    The value of learning to me is to improve you better understanding of even the basics of life, so you can use it farther down the road. Cause its a key essential to learn to progress in anything. And my role as a learner is to take something from the "stuff" that I'm given. And this will prepare me for my journey of life that can be good and successful or bad and i get nothing.

  19. What stuck me most about the facts and info that was presented was that America is not as superior as everyone seems to think. This makes me see the world in a much darker light at least for know and to be completely honest it makes me unhappy to be alive in this day and age. Change is good but in my opinion there needs to be a stopping point where we find a happy medium between innovation and too far.

    "Inspired bikes" makes me think about how hard work will pay off in the end. When he was first beginning he probably didn't enjoy it as much because he was just learning to get good, but now that he is on the level that he has reached he can perform those tricks with confidence that he can do it and if he fails then he can just get back on and try again. I can apply his biking adventure to my own life in general, because to quote Rocky Balboa "But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done! Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody." I believe that life will fight you every step of your journey, but it's not to get you to give up, it's to make completing it all the more worth it.

    Learning has a value far greater than any form of currency, it doesn't matter how often you have to "Google" something as long as each time that you do you learn something instead of constantly repeating the exact same search over and over without ever retaining any new knowledge, then you have become a waste to everyone. My role as a learner is to take in as much as I possibly can and then sort out what will benefit me currently in the now. Rather then what will allow me to pass a test next week. That information will still be learned and remembered but its less of a priority then remembering where that class is.

  20. After watching “Did you Know”, I realized I had no idea what was going on in the world that involved population and education. I knew China was having overpopulation issues, but I had no idea how bad it was. I honestly didn’t know just how much technology has changed the nation, I practically grew up with the internet so it didn't seem like much changed but obviously I was wrong. I also felt overwhelmed by the video, there is so much stuff that goes unseen. We take education granted, we don't pay attention. We would rather goof off and not learn. Now, you need to be fairly literate to even get a interview for a job.
    The video of the cool bike tricks show me that putting in the hard work and not giving up really pays off. I’m almost positive the biker didn't pick up those tricks within a day, it probably took him years to master the tricks and along the way I’m sure he broke a few bones and got a fews cuts and bruises. From his adventures, I can do what he did and come up with strategies to get to where I want to be. You can't get to where you want to be without some hard work and effort.
    As a learner, my role is to pick up things that can be used in the future, help gain more skills, and even get me through difficult times. Learning is a lifelong thing, that helps us understand the world around us. The value of learning may include, new knowledge, skills, understanding, and even behaviors. So obviously learning is a big part of someones life for example, talking. You use talking everyday of your life.

  21. After watching Mr.Fischs Did You Know? video I really wondered what the future holds. With all these children being born in countries with no access to the world around them, what happens with their untapped potnetial? When the worls relize every child is the future of this world? I just want to know because with the countries that do have access to internet and technology have made so much progress. How technology is changing so rapidly and generations are changing along woth it is fasinating. I just wish everyone had the oppritunity to change with those that can. The world is evolving, shouldn't everyone evolce with it?

    Inspired Bikes was probably the most epic and impressive thing I have ever watched. The fact he can do that with just him and a bike blew my mind.Also it shows that with determination and passion you can achive great things. How David can do his bike tricks aroung the world as a career is just so inspiring. I would love to live off of my passion. But that doesn't come easy. I know that he didn't learn those rticks over night. We have to work hard to achive our goals. When I write stories, I have to check and review and then finalize. Still somtines I don'e end up liking them. We as humans have to try more than once to get to where we want to.

    To me the value of learning is becoming aware and looking deeper into things. When the auther used a metaphor, why did he? When the light goes on, how did it? Looking deeper can help us find these things out. You only see whats above the surface until you dive in and go deeper. That's what learning is about. it's about expanding and changing things.

  22. After watching Mr. Fisch's Did You Know? video really made me think of the potential the world has or just our generation alone. We are the young adults and we could be the ones creating the super computers in the future that are smarter then the average human and we are capable of doing such things because we our our nations future and we can do what ever we set our minds to.

    Inspired Bikes was probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen it is crazy to think that someone could do something like that. I'm scared to just off of my curb I could never do anything like that on a bike, but at first when it showed that he couldn't ride on the fence but he never gave up. He kept trying again and that shows me that when things don't go the way you want them to that you should just keep trying because you never know what you are capable of.

    To me the value of learning is just trying something. At first when you do a test or write a paper and maybe you don't do so well you can always go back and try again until you get it perfect. Just trying your hardest to me is being a good learner and accepting the challenges that face you and just trying to do them even if you won't succeed at first.


  23. 1) I watched Mr. Fisch’s video, “Did you Know”, about 4 times because I could not take in how much technology has grown over the years. Personally, I can’t remember a time where I did not have hand held technology around me with having a gameboy, ipod, and phone all before 3rd grade. By achshally thinking about how much we have grown with technology since I was born, in 2000, it’s crazy. In version 2.0 made in 2006, it states that there are 600 million internet devices and 2.7 billion searches on google in one month. I bet now, in 2014, that has risen exponentially. This impacts me because I can find books, movies, information, directions, ect. all in a split second. With the remark of how in 2049, a $1000 computer will exceed the human race is confusing to me. How could an overheating laptop come up with new ideas that expand the world like we humans do?

    2) Watching Danny Macaskill's video, “Inspired Bikes”, really made me think about how many times he must have fallen down and had so many bumps and bruises. The cool thing about it is that he never gave up. I bet he practiced not only until he got a trick right, but until he could not get it wrong. I think that is the way to do everything from sports to school, even if you get bumps and bruises along the way.

    3) The value of learning is immeasurable. You can be from any social/economic class and still learn. It’s what makes us learn from our past and decide our future. My role as a learner is to comprehend old ideas and create new ones. My role is simply to become the future leader, citizen, role model, and be able to create a better world for the next generation and leave the Earth better from when I arrived.

  24. After seeing the Did you know video i realized everything is going online especially these days. Year after year technology is revolutionizing the world. We have cars driving themselves with nobody in the car before you know it we wont even have to drive! Every year the numbers for facts just keep getting bigger and bigger like how many people visit youtube a day its like 100,000,000! The idea that came to my head while watching the video is if computers are evolving and changing so much why aren't we evolving with it then with computers becoming smarter than humans what could they do with more time.

    Danny Macaskill showed me u can do awesome things when you try i mean he did a back flip on is his bike from a tree. in the beginning it shows him falling from his bike a few times then he keeps going and he balances on these poles vertical to him. I think Danny Macaskill is trying to tell us that when you work hard you can do awesome things and things that you love doing you just have to prevail and have a little bit of patience!

    To me being a learner has a great value because you have the opportunity to learn anything as long as you have a teacher. The value of learning is to make money so you apply what you learned to your or a job. How much you learn depends on how much money you make! My role as a learner is to learn as much as i can and as quick as i can. Its not the teachers fault to not teach you things you wondering about, its your job to ask those questions and learn from them.

  25. When I watched the video "Did you know" I begin to realize how far the human race had improved over the many years. What surprised me the most was technology and its usage.I had known that people use technology quite a bit but I didn't know just how often we rely on technology. The amount of technology we use made me think about the reason we use it for our everyday lives such as using your phone to text someone important or using computers for schoolwork instead of using paper. Without the technology we have in our lives today life would be much tougher, more people would die without the medical expertise technology provides us with today. What had caught me off guard was how many honors college graduates India and China have compared to the U.S. The fact that India's honor college grad students is equal to the amount of students the U.S has is mind blowing. From statistics of honor college grads made me realize that the U.S should focus more on education then it has in the past.

    When I had watched Danny Macaskill doing absolutely insane stunts in his video, "Inspired Bikes", it made me think about Danny's absolute resolve to to stunts like he was doing as I am certain that when he practiced these stunts he must have gotten hurt several times but he just had gotten back up and tried again until he got it right. If everybody in this world would have that same attitude about life that no matter what life throws at you, just keep getting back up and continuing on with life. People would also be happy because it brings joy to most people to be good at something in life, whether it be a hobby or their job it doesn't matter, but when you become good at something you love doing, don't stop there keep going and getting better. I think Danny lives by those words and is always trying to better himself.

    The value of learning is inconceivable. Learning is what keeps life going, it's in the human beings natural thought process to be curious, when people are curious they learn about it and pass the knowledge unto others. What would we have done if Einstein or Edison became curious and shared important knowledge with the world. We would most likely be in a less technology reliant world because without learning, we most likely would have died out long ago.